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Apartment Renovation

Seated on one of the main arteries of the downtown historic district, the 1200 Prince Edward Street project is an excellent example of how an entire building renovation can completely revitalize a neighborhood.  A house fire in 2003 tragically ripped through these apartments, leaving an unsightly, uninhabitable building in its wake.  Abby Construction was brought aboard for a complete renovation, refocusing the building from a multi-unit apartment complex to a single-family luxury home.  The end result is a juxtaposition of a traditional, historic aesthetic with all the conveniences of a modern, contemporary home.





The previous, single-structure is replaced by a connected estate with two separate living spaces (including the guest suite), as well as garage and courtyard.  The new space allocation maximizes the fifth-acre lot, allowing plenty of accessibility without sacrificing the curb appeal of the historic street corner.  Abby approached this project with the goals of preserving as much of the original building as possible, with the end result keeping 90% of the window openings in sync with the existing designs.


The interior presents oak hardwood floors and a pleasant wood accent trim, as well as a dual-sided fireplace that separates a living area from office or workspace.  The formal dining area is also accessible by both the living room and kitchen, which is adorned with beaded cabinetry and marble countertops.  Abby Construction was able to use much of the existing brick walls and build in, installing ample installation around the entire structure.


Due to the property’s location in the downtown historic district of Fredericksburg, Abby Construction had to work closely with the Architectural Review Board when planning the appearance for the home’s exterior.  This includes a four foot brick wall and privacy fencing that surrounds the property.




The end result is a luxurious, spacious single-family estate that anchors the aesthetic of a prime neighborhood in the downtown historic district.  Abby Construction is proud and honored to have assisted in a project with such value to the surrounding community.


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