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Church Renovation


The addition at St. Mary’s Catholic Church created quite a bit of change.  It began with the demolition of an existing, unnecessary garage and installation of a foundation for a new structure.  In addition to this work, the exterior facade required remodeling work to match the new building.  Another challenge was maneuvering around the ongoing activities at the very active church without interrupting services or functions.



Permeable Paving Landscaping



With construction occurring during the Church’s busy Lent, Good Friday and Easter celebrations, work was performed around three daily worship services, as well as the incoming and outgoing traffic and congestion.  Sites had to be professionally maintained with an attention to detail on cleanliness and access to all areas of the church.


When completed, the brick walkway and patio present a pleasant, peaceful avenue between work and worship areas of St. Mary’s, presenting a serene yet stately aesthetic for attendees.  Additional work area allows for the church to conduct more music lessons and bible instruction, while also rewarding worshippers with a proper congregation area for the numerous outdoor events planned each year.  Abby Construction is proud to have had the opportunity to be of service to St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

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